About the Cosmetic Surgery DVD

About the Cosmetic Surgery DVD

This Professional Edition DVD has been designed to help you personalize services for each of your patients/clients, while saving you time.

Its contents are particularly valuable because they speak from the experiences of over 100 women. Users say that its contents are the next best thing to having a personal conversation with a trusted friend. This DVD includes all the contents of the award winning book Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery, organized into topic specific screens, but much, much more. It's informative articles, videos, audios and user-friendly design, (which helps transport you quickly and easily to the exact information you need at that moment), make this a most attractive and cost-effective compliment to any plastic surgery practice.

How to Use This Professional Edition DVD

1. Place your Professional Edition DVD in your CD/DVD computer drive, and wait for the program to open.
The screen to your left will direct you to: a) Print a Topic Request Form (TRF) and then b) Enter the program.

2. The screen to your right tells you about the contents of the DVD and your rights to its use.
Click on CONTINUE and you will be transported to a screen of topic driven tabs, as pictured below.

Select any topic of particular interest from this index and click on that tab.

3. Once you select a tab and click on it, you will see a screen filled with subtopic choices.

4. Below you can take a look at the next six screens in this program: Notice the Direction Key in blue letters at the top of each screen.

Wherever you see a (CD icon) to the right of a subtopic and click on it, you will be transported to a printable form relevant
to that subject.

Wherever you see a (book cover icon) to the right of a subtopic and click on it,
you will be transported to the exact pages from Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery relevant to that topic.
You may print any of those pages or forms and distribute them as you see fit.

5. The next two screens are a bit different from the others. The screen to the left provides links to 14 articles
Lois wrote after the publication of Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery - thus this is additional content that does not appear in the book.
Click on any (magazine cover) icon and you can read or print and share any of these articles.

6. The screen to the right contains some audio and video components.
Click on a (video) icon
and you can watch any of these three videos: a) Lois explains a bit more about Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery
and how she came to write it. b) Lois introduces her book to a most receptive audience at Book Revue and
c) Lois speaks about her fourteen articles that appear on this DVD.
Click on any (headset) icon to listen to some of her radio interviews.

7. Click here to order your Professional Edition DVD and select SILVER PACKAGE D.

Questions? Contact Lois at: cosmeticsurgery@optimum.net